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Immerse yourself in the spirited essence of Malta at SC Club Village, an idyllic destination for both local and international events. Nestled in a locale rich with history, yet pulsing with modern flair, our venue is a tapestry of cultural charm and contemporary comfort. Whether planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our versatile spaces cater to every need. Experience the seamless blend of professional facilities and leisure amenities, set against the backdrop of Malta's stunning landscapes. SC Club Village isn't just a venue; it's a destination where every event becomes a memorable journey.

Accessibility and Parking: Located conveniently, SC Club Village is easily accessible by public transport, and ample parking is available, making it effortless for guests to arrive and depart.

Accommodation Options: From private studios to shared living options, the event location caters to various accommodation preferences, ensuring comfort and convenience for all guests, whether local or traveling from afar.

Event Location in Malta

Discover SC Club Village in Malta, the ultimate venue that combines historic charm with modern facilities. Ideal for any event, from corporate retreats to festive celebrations, our venue promises an unforgettable experience. Let Malta's vibrant culture and our exceptional service make your event truly special.

Your Event, Our Canvas

Explore SC Club Village's Venues

SC Club Village, nestled in Pembroke near St. Julians, is a premier event location in Malta, catering to both locals and travelers. Our flagship offering is the Olympic-sized swimming pool, a perfect setting for large-scale events and casual gatherings alike. Complementing this is our lounge bar & restaurant, enveloped in a historical ambiance, suitable for intimate dinners or vibrant social events. The event location also houses a coworking space, blending work and leisure seamlessly. Whether it's a professional conference, a festive celebration, or a community meetup, the variety of spaces at SC Club Village cater to every event's unique atmosphere. Experience the blend of historical architecture and modern amenities, making each event at SC Club Village not just an occasion, but a memorable journey.

Diverse Celebrations Come to Life

From Corporate to Cultural

Corporate Retreats and Conferences: SC Club Village shines as a corporate event hub, offering an innovative coworking space and versatile meeting areas. These facilities are perfect for business retreats and conferences, where modern amenities meet professional needs, fostering productivity and creativity.

Weddings and Celebrations: The event location's picturesque setting is a dream for wedding planners and families. With its stunning landscapes and comprehensive accommodations, it's a prime choice for unforgettable weddings and family reunions, blending romantic charm with top-notch service.

Cultural Festivals: Embracing Malta's rich cultural tapestry, SC Club Village is an excellent venue for hosting cultural and music festivals. Its spacious layout and ambient settings create a vibrant atmosphere, ideal for celebrating Malta's heritage and international arts.

Sports Events: The Olympic-size swimming pool and nearby sports facilities are a haven for sporting events and training camps. These spaces provide athletes and enthusiasts with the perfect environment for competitions and fitness retreats.

Wellness Retreats: For those seeking tranquillity, the campus offers serene spaces ideal for yoga and mental health retreats. The tranquil surroundings and extensive amenities contribute to a rejuvenating experience that promotes health and relaxation.

Each event at SC Club Village is not just a booking; it's an immersive experience that blends seamlessly with the vibrant spirit of Malta, catering to both local and international guests including accommodation.

Tailoring Space to Your Event's Needs

At SC Club Village, we understand the importance of versatility in event planning. Our event location is designed to accommodate a range of group sizes and event styles.

Large Conference Room: For larger gatherings, our conference room accommodates up to 50 people, making it ideal for sizable corporate events or seminars. Alongside, numerous breakout rooms offer spaces for smaller, focused group discussions. In addition to our on-site facilities, nearby venues provide additional space if required, ensuring we can cater to events of any scale. Imagine hosting a tech conference here. The main room accommodates keynote speeches, while breakout rooms are perfect for smaller, interactive sessions. Nearby additional spaces can be used for exhibitions or networking events.

Coworking Space: For business events, our coworking space provides a professional environment with modern facilities, adaptable for workshops, seminars, or small conferences. Ideal for creative workshops or business retreats. Participants can collaborate in a professional yet relaxed setting, fostering innovation and teamwork.

Outdoor Venue: The facility also boasts an outdoor setting, perfect for events that wish to embrace Malta's beautiful climate and scenery, offering a refreshing alternative to the traditional indoor venues. Perfect for a cultural festival, weddings or a small open-air concert, utilizing SC Club Village's picturesque scenery to create a memorable backdrop.

Lounge Bar & Restaurant: A perfect blend of historical ambiance and modern comfort, this area suits smaller, more intimate events or lively social gatherings, offering a cozy yet elegant atmosphere. Envision a culinary event, catering or a cocktail reception here, where the historical ambiance enhances the social experience.

Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool: Ideal for large-scale events, this area can host significant gatherings with ease. Its spacious surroundings allow for flexible seating arrangements and décor setups. Suitable for relaxing after a sports event or a summer pool party, offering spacious and versatile surroundings.

Each space at SC Club Village is customizable to meet the specific needs of your event, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for all attendees. Find out more about the amenities of SC Club Village.

Diverse Accommodations at SC Club Village

SC Club Village offers a variety of accommodation options to ensure a comfortable stay for event attendees.

  • Private Studios: Ideal for solo travelers or couples, these studios offer privacy and comfort, perfect for unwinding after a day at an event.
  • Shared Living Options: For those who prefer a more sociable setting, shared accommodations provide an opportunity to connect with fellow attendees.
  • Full Apartments: For groups or families attending an event, our apartments offer a home-away-from-home experience with all necessary amenities.
  • Hotel Rooms: Classic hotel rooms are available for those seeking traditional accommodation with all the usual services and comforts.

Private Studios

Enjoy your own space, featuring a private bathroom and kitchenette.

Whole Apartments

Ideal for traveling with your friends or family, offering privacy and a communal atmosphere.

Coliving Community

Engage in cultural exchanges, cook together, and create bonds that last a lifetime.

Each option is designed to cater to different preferences and budgets, ensuring that every guest, whether a local attendee or an international traveler, finds a suitable place to stay during their event in Malta.

Perfectly Positioned for Local Charms and Easy Travels

SC Club Village, situated in the serene town of Pembroke, is just a stone's throw from the lively St. Julian's and the entertainment hub of Paceville. This prime location combines tranquility with convenience, offering guests the best of both worlds. Guests can immerse themselves in the vibrant nightlife, enjoy the historical charm of nearby Valletta, or unwind at the picturesque beaches, all easily accessible from the event location.

The event location's accessibility is further enhanced by its proximity to public transport options. The nearby Pembroke Park & Ride bus station serves as a perfect base for exploring Malta's must-see destinations. With efficient bus services, guests can easily visit Valletta's UNESCO World Heritage sites, the entertainment-filled St. Julian's, or the shopper's paradise in Sliema. Whether it's for historical exploration, beach relaxation, or retail therapy, SC Club Village's location ensures that all of Malta's attractions are just a bus ride away.

Celebrating Success Stories

SC Club Village has proudly hosted a wide array of events, each one adding to its rich tapestry of successful gatherings.

Weddings and Celebrations: The event location has been the romantic backdrop for numerous weddings in Malta, offering a blend of scenic beauty and top-notch services, creating unforgettable experiences.

Corporate Events: From productive team retreats to inspiring conferences, our facilities have supported various corporate functions, enhancing teamwork and professional development.

Cultural Events: Embracing Malta's heritage, the village has been a vibrant stage for cultural festivals and concerts, showcasing local and international talent.

Sports and Wellness: The Olympic-sized pool and serene settings have facilitated sports team trainings and wellness retreats like yoga sessions, promoting health and team spirit.

Social Gatherings: Our lounge and pool areas have seen lively welcome parties and keynotes, providing a perfect setting for networking and socializing.

Each event at SC Club Village tells a story of success and memorable experiences, demonstrating our commitment to hosting events that leave lasting impressions.

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